is often considered a dreary and unattractive season due to its weather that begins to turn harsh as it heads into winter and the often gloomy days.

However, for farms, for the rural world and for food and wine, autumn is a golden season!
After the warm days of fine weather and hard work in the fields, it is precisely in this period that you harvest many of the fruits of your agricultural labours!

That’s why we recommend a trip to Le Marche in autumn when you can share (and taste) these joys with those who experience them first hand!

Let's talk about some of these products of Autumn

First of all, the symbols of the Mediterranean diet: wine and extra virgin olive oil.
The grape harvest in Le Marche normally begins in September and continues until October and beyond, depending on the grape variety cultivated, the type of wine to be obtained and the season.
The olive harvest in the Marche begins in October and immediately gives the aromas, perfumes and flavours of extra virgin olive oil from the moment it is extracted at the mill! The wine, on the other hand, will take some time to be ready.

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But these are not the only gift of autumn in Marches

We would also like to mention the Mela Rosa dei Sibillini, which is characterised by its unique, slightly sour and sugary flavour and its unattractive appearance due to its small size and streaky pink colour. It is harvested from the end of August to October and can be eaten until the following spring thanks to its incredible preservability.
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And what about saffron? The red gold is harvested just as the first cold weather begins and requires a major commitment! In fact, the flowers must be picked as soon as they open, and every morning it is necessary to pass through the field in search of new flowers in order not to lose a single gram of this precious spice!
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Why don’t you take the opportunity to combine the discovery of saffron with a romantic and relaxing weekend?
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And at harvest time: Week end in Recanti discovering saffron production

We cannot close this review (not exhaustive of all the products of autumn in the Marche) with the prized white and black truffles.
It is well known that the white truffle in the Marche is gathered mainly in the Montefeltro and Urbino areas, and in November there are many initiatives to taste and savour it in traditional dishes.

How about trying your hand at truffle hunting too?

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