An alternative cultivation to enhance the territory

In the heart of the Marches, in the province of Macerata, there is a small happy island, where, amidst breathtaking views and uplifting scents, Beniamino, together with Luca, Anna and Lucrezia, takes care of his medicinal plants.
During the florescence they give unique colors but this is just one of the many gifts that Beniamino’s plants offer us.
The nine types of lavender, thyme, calendula, sage, rosemary, peppermint and bay leaves ensure that from May to August the flowers are never lacking and, with them, their precious scents.

Why this project?

To create an alternative cultivation based on medicinal plants together with traditional crops and to enhance the territory in a natural way with particular attention to the environment (Beniamino does not use any type of treatment or fertilizer and he leaves it to nature to do its course with sun, wind and rain!).
This farm has its deep roots in the family farm that has involved several generations.

Since 2016, while maintaining traditional crops, Beniamino has decided to cultivate lavender and other medicinal plants with which has been started the production of essential oils, hydrolates, oleolites, body cleansers and a line of classic natural cosmetics from a line of biomolecular cosmetics.

How to use medicinal plants?

You can make any kind of products with medicinal plants, such as essential oils, oleolites, aromatic waters, perfumes, detergents and much more.
These natural products are suitable to heal body and mind, to relieve headaches and muscle aches, to help you sleep better; they can prevent or soothe insect bites. But that is not all! They can be used for relaxing massages, to solve problems of redness and chapping of the hands, to give softness, elasticity and the necessary nourishment to the skin of our body.
And not to forget that they are an excellent natural perfumer!

The love for the territory and the passion for their work have pushed Beniamino and his fellow adventurers to open their world to everyone and today we can go and visit them and share a wonderful experience.
Welcoming is essential and that is why when you arrive at the farm, they welcome you warmly and smiling.
The strong bond with nature prompted them to devise a wellness program to be done strictly barefoot: barefooting!
Barefooting is a 60-meter-long sensory journey. It consists of six tanks and each of them contains a different natural element: white stones, wooden logs, straw, dried lavender, equisetum, reeds from their rushes. Walking on these different materials, you reconnect with Mother Earth, the receptors in your body are reactivated, helping to improve balance, posture and blood circulation, too.
See for yourself!

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