A walk in the olive grove with a snack based on farm products and a mini tasting course of extra virgin olive oil

PERIOD: May-September
SUGGESTED OUTFIT: closed shoes and seasonal clothing are recommended
LANGUAGES: Italian, English

your souvenir

250 ml bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


About 2 hours in the following time slots: 9-13 or 15-19

your guide

Upon your arrival, Cinzia, the owner of the company, and Elisabetta, her coworker, will welcome you.
The passion for their work is great as well as the enthusiasm to welcome you to make you live a unique experience!


Welcome, are you ready to discover the secrets of the olive tree and extra virgin olive oil? Let’s go!

After a brief presentation and the story that binds Cinzia to her company, get ready for a walk in the olive grove.

Here you can discover the wonderful olive trees ...

and learn about the Orbetana variety typical of these places inside the company of Cinzia who will guide you in discovering it. This special walk will take you to the a special olive tree, more than 500 years old, linked to a local Blessed! We can’t tell you more for the moment but don’t worry… Cinzia will reveal her story to you!

At this point you may start feeling wary...

so at the end of the walk you will find a nice refreshment waiting for you, made up of the various company products: vegetable spreads, variations of legumes, bruschetta and many other delicacies of the countryside!
Cinzia will teach you the extra virgin olive oil tasting technique, instructing you on how to appreciate its aromas and smells and letting you do the “stripping” to fully taste her oil! A mini tasting course of olive oil directly in the olive grove where it is produced!


starting from 19 € per person

The fee includes:

• Visit to the company
• Tasting of farm products
• Mini tasting course of extra virgin olive oil
• 250 ml bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The fee does not include:

• Transfers to and from the farm
• Extras and everything that is not described in the section "The fee includes"

We are available for more information!
It is recommended to book at least a couple of days in advance.

The prices indicated are calculated on a number of at least 10 visitors.
Customized solutions are also possible for smaller groups, do not hesitate to contact us to request a personalized quote.

The visit is open to all, including the disabled, albeit with some limitations. Explain your specific needs to evaluate any particular situations.
In any case, the olive grove can also be reached by car.



We are here to design your holiday with you!