Visit to the olfactory garden, distillation of essential oils, workshop and creation of natural perfumes and much more!

PERIOD DELL'ANNO: May - June - July - August
SUGGESTED OUTFIT: Comfortable shoes and sun hat.
LANGUAGES: Italian, English, French


• Bag scented with dried lavender

• The natural perfume created by you!




Your guide

Beniamino, Luca, Anna and Lucrezia are lovers of nature and the rural world and will welcome and accompany you along the way with both professionalism and an innate passion for their job, putting you at ease with their simplicity and enthusiasm with which they manage to convey the essence of their hard work.


When you arrive at the farm, you will immediately be immersed in the greenery with a walk through the olfactory garden. From there you can see a large olive tree but we can’t provide disclosure; your guides will reveal the story that binds them to that tree!

Steam distillation

Right under this tree you will learn all the secrets of steam distillation of essential oils and hydrolates with an old copper still that is still perfectly functional today!
You will shell the dried lavender prepared for you and you will make a perfuming bag that you will take away with you!

Natural perfume creation workshop

After the perfuming bag it is now time to discover the world of natural perfumes and the creation of your own therapeutic perfume!
You can choose to follow a recipe or let your imagination run wild!

Wellness path

At the end of the workshop you will descend into the lavandeto (with 10 different types of lavender and other medicinal plants) and you will be in the perfect set for beautiful photographs!
At the end of this walk a special wellness trail, barefooting, awaits you, and at the end of the trail you can also wash your feet with hydrolates to fully enjoy this sensory experience!

Sunset apericena

For those who wish to stay longer in this haven of peace, it is possible to book an aperitif/dinner strictly based on local products!


starting from 40 € per person

The fee includes

• Visit to the olfactory garden
• Steam distillation
• Lavender shelling and a bag scented with dried lavender
• Natural perfume workshop
• Walk in the lavender field
• Wellness path

• Creation of 2 more natural perfumes
• Apericena

The fee does not include

• Transfers to and from the farm
• Extras and everything that is not described in the section "The fee includes"

Book your visit a few days in advance. Contact us to arrange it.

The visit is also accessible to couples and small groups.

Contact us if you have special needs and we will provide you with all the information you need.



We are here to design your holiday with you!