Harvest time!

Not only excellent wine, but also tasty sweets.

In the Marches it is a popular tradition during the harvest period to prepare tasty desserts based on fresh must.

We offer you the traditional recipe of the one that enhances it the most: a real jelly grape juice!

The "sughetti" of the Marches...

are called sciughetti Ancona and its surroundings, sughitti in the Macerata and sapetti in Cupramontana.


First, the fresh and not yet fermented must has to be reduced by a third (but some say by half) boiling for as long as necessary.
After filtering it, it must be transferred to another pot to bring it back to a boil.
Then, about 100/120 gr. of cornmeal are added for each liter of must (in the traditional recipes of the north of the Marches, wheat flour is mainly used), stirring constantly to avoid the formation of lumps.
The mixture should be thick and gelatinous.
At this point we are ready to add well-pealed walnut kernels which will have to cook briefly to stay crunchy.
This sweet polenta must be spread on serving plates to form a layer of about one cm of height.
Once cooled, it can be cut into squares to form small portions ready to be tasted!

This dessert prepared with this traditional recipe is good to be stored and, tradition has it, it used to arrive safe and sound until Christmas!

You just have to try your hand at the preparation!

Not sure where to find the must?

Come and discover the harvest and test yourself at grape harvesting and pressing!

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Foto di copertina di Lucilla di Chiara tratta dal libro Ricette, Ricordi, Racconti di M. Di Chiara edito da Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio della Provincia di Macerata

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