Three family days in the villages of the Marche region to immerse yourself in ancient traditions, make special encounters and let yourself be carried away by the many stories to be discovered!

A family weekend to discover ancient traditions!
The Marche region will be the setting for these days full of unique encounters and emotions!


A woad blue dyed placemat by yourselves and your ceramic handicraft pieces!


3 days and 2 nights
Available all the year long

Accommodation facility

This cosy b&b is located in the historic centre of the small village of Offagna, near Ancona.
Offagna is one of Ancona’s castles, erected to protect the city during its glorious period as a Maritime Republic; it is dominated by its majestic medieval fortress that stands on a tuff cliff.
Here you can spend your free time visiting one of the town’s 3 very special museums, taste an excellent Rosso Conero in a historic wine cellar or simply stroll around enjoying the rural landscape of the Marche region.
Paola manages the facility and is always ready to welcome guests and provide all useful information.
Accommodation in a quadruple cottage with en-suite bathroom and breakfast included.
The cottage (an annex of the main building) has two double rooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette. Private parking.



Arrival at the facility in the early afternoon. You will take possession of the annex reserved for you for these Marche days.
You are already expected in Ancona, right in the city centre, to set off on a city walk in the company of Federica, your guide, who will lead you in the discovery of the city, an illustrious Emporium of the Adriatic, a Maritime Republic endowed with extraordinary autonomy, a crossroads of peoples, techniques and artistic styles.
You will discover how important the production of purple was for the “Doric city”, you will walk through its alleys and, between one anecdote and another, you will move through the trade streets of the old city to reach Massimo, master of dyeing, and to discover his botanical collection in his colour workshop. Here you will delve into the history of the Guado, a dyeing plant. A history that has left mysterious marks on the territory of the Marches (in Montefeltro above all) and that has recently been rediscovered by passionate people just like Massimo, artisan and dye master.
In the period from April to June, it is possible to replace this activity with a visit to Sara Linda’s farm, specialised in the cultivation of medicinal plants.
The afternoon in this case is dedicated to a walk through the cultivation of medicinal herbs (in particular thyme, sage, lavender) and the telling of this small farm history and experience.
During the walk, the Aloe Vera greenhouse, for which Sara Linda has a real passion, will also be visited!
At the end of the walk, it is time to learn more about the company’s essential oils.
Letting Sara Linda guide you through the ‘olfactory tasting’ is a very interesting experience that allows you to get to know in depth the sensations produced by each essence.
Sara Linda will also explore the uses of different essential oils and Aloe Vera to round off the afternoon together.


Not far from Offagna lies the village of Appignano, known in the Marche region for its tradition of artisanal ceramic production and for the cultivation of legume varieties typical of this area!
The story goes that around 1500 a potter arrived in the village and launched the tradition of ceramics production, which developed thanks to the presence of land endowed with pure clay and the stream that provided the water to work it.
But let’s not add anything! We’ ll leave it to the craftsmen to tell you the rest of the story!
Once you arrive in the village, you will immediately be transformed into a potter by dedicating yourself to a pottery workshop to produce your own unique piece!
You can choose to devote yourself with Marica to the decoration of an already turned piece of pottery, or join Gianni or Laura in making a piece from raw clay!
Whether you choose decoration or the creation of a piece on the potter’s wheel, you will have to bake your unique piece which will be sent home as soon as it will be ready!
Once you will have finished your work in the workshop, we invite you to visit the museum dedicated to the history of ceramics in Appignano (free admission – open Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.).
Let yourself be inspired by our lunchtime tips!

In the afternoon another village full of stories to tell awaits you a short distance away: Recanati.
Gaia, your guide, is waiting for you right under the Torre del Borgo for a walk through the alleys of Recanati to discover anecdotes and special stories.
Entrance to the tower and all the other civic museums is included. We particularly recommend concluding your visit to the town with the very interesting museum of Marche emigration, full of testimonies and memorabilia regarding this phenomenon that so strongly characterised the region’s sharecropping population.


Check-out from your accommodation facility. After breakfast, we recommend a visit to the village of Offagna, your “host” for these three days. There are three very special museums in the village (the medieval fortress with its collection of ancient weapons, the Paolucci museum, dedicated to an illustrious local scholar and his scientific research, and the Liberation museum dedicated to the liberation of the Marche region from nazi-fascism).
The museums are all open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. The single ticket for all museums costs € 25 for family groups.

PRICE: 199 € per personSpecial price for bookings until 12 December 2022, contact us for more information!


• 2 overnight stays in b&b (buffet breakfast included) in a cottage with 2 rooms, a common area with kitchenette and a bathroom
• possibility of using the kitchenette
• guided tour of the city of Ancona
• visit to the colour atelier and dyeing experience in a woad bath
• experience of ceramic decoration or making a piece of pottery on a potter's wheel
• guided tour of the town of Recanati
• entrance to all the Recanti civic museums and the village tower
• your souvenirs: dyed table mats in a woad bath, your ceramic handicraft pieces


• Transfers to and from the accommodation
• Shipment of ceramics to your home
• Anything not mentioned in 'The fee includes' section

We are happy to customise the programme shown.
It is possible to add one night to the programme at the price of €35.00 per person (€40.00 in June).
The ceramics made in the workshop will be glazed with materials suitable for the food use of the piece (plate, jug, salad bowl, etc.) and will remain as a souvenir of the visit as well as a valuable functional object in the kitchen!

The price is calculated for the period from October to April (excluding public holidays). For other periods it is possible to request a customised quote.

For further information about Offagna’s museums: Musei di Offagna

For further information about “Marche migration museum” in Recanati (the ticket is included in the price): Museo dell’emigrazione marchigiana

the price is calculated for a family of 4 people. Do not hesitate to ask for a special quote!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have special needs!



We are at your disposal to plan your holiday with you!