are considered a time of relaxation and rest. So why on earth should you go on a bicycle trip?!
We at Rurally will try to answer this question.

The history of the bicycle is quite short. Although Leonardo Da Vinci designed an object very similar to the bicycle as we know it, the first versions, much less comfortable, versatile and useful than those we use today, were only produced at the end of the XIX century!
However, since then, this means of transport has had a great impact on daily life and has gone through periods of great success and others of greater decline.

Think of...

the many jobs that were carried out on a bicycle (the postman above all!) in the first half of the last century *!

Throughout the first half of the XX century the bicycle was a real means of transport both in the countryside and in the cities! Think about the neorealist film “Bicycle Thieves”.

When cars spread, the bicycle lost much of its mass function as a means of transport, even if in some Italian and European cities it is still the most used means to move in the city.

Today the bicycle is certainly considered a means for sport and outdoors activities.
The advent of e-bikes has made this sport accessible to everyone. The pedal assisted by the electric motor, in fact, allows also a less trained person to approach even long itineraries and with considerable differences in height without fear of running out of breath or the strength to get to destination!

* In Fabriano, in the Marche region, there is a small museum of bicycle crafts.

And here are...

the reasons for taking a bicycle trip.

First of all, even in its very modern motorized version, the bicycle remains a non-polluting vehicle and therefore certainly eco-compatible and sustainable. Furthermore, this means of transport can now be used for medium-long journeys even by those who do not have specific training thanks to the widespread use of pedal assistance.

Unlike a car trip, where we are isolated from the surrounding environment that we cross at great speed, by bike we are able to grasp the details we encounter along the way as when we are walking, but with the advantage of being able to cover a longer path in the same amount of time!

Bikes, unlike cars, can also pass almost everywhere following the rules of the Highway Code which also allows circulation in the pedestrian area as long as it is at moderate speed and descending when it is particularly crowded.

And if all this was not enough, a bike holiday not only allows you to completely enjoy the journey by fully experiencing the entire route, but also encourages us to do some sport!

In short, why choosing a bike trip?
To completely experience the territories visited, moving slowly without polluting, fully savoring the journey.

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